Mtaji Loan


• This loan help farmers to increase their production capacity by acquiring agribusiness inputs, tools and equipment
• Ability to repay i.e Total Net Income = Net Business Income + Net HH Income
• Active member for at least 6 months
• Maximum repayment period is 36 months (1Y<500K, 2Y>1M, and 3Y<3M loans)
• Repayment terms: Loan repayments are structured to accommodate the inputs, tools and equipment earning capacity such as; Monthly STos from ordinary savings A/c to recover interests and principle oR bullet payment upon sale of produce.
• Interest rates is 18% p.a.
• Processing fee 1% of loan applied for.
• Grace period 3 months.
• Must have 25% of value of inputs/tools/equipment as long term deposits.
• Insurance/credit life of 0.6% p. a
• Security/collateral: Deed of assignment, chattels Mortgage, Guarantors, Logbooks, Title Deed, Shares in blue chip coS, asset Insurance 5-7%, cash collateral of 25% put in a fixed account at Imarika SAcco.