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Mkopo Hewani


This product is accessible to all members whose account has at least 6months of continuous activity and 3months continuous share contribution. It aims at assisting a member to handle immediate emergencies with limited access to our offices.

Its features are as follows:

• Product Accessible to ALL MEMBERS
• Must be an Active Member “Over 6Months”
• Member must also be having at least Ksh 10,000 worth of long term deposits
• Member must be registered for mobile banking service
• Members savings account balance must be equal to or greater than Ksh1,000
• Member must not be having any outstanding “mkopo hewani” advance
• The members must have repayment ability based on salary/cashflows in his/her ordinary savings A/c
• Max Amount 10,000/=
• Rate of interest 10%pm
• Maximum repayment period is 1 month
• No guarantors are required for this advance
• No top up facility