About Imarika Sacco

Imarika is Kiswahili for “become stable” and this is the promise that we make to our members

About Us

Over these forty nine years, the Sacco has grown from strength to strength, first as Malindi Teachers Sacco and as more members from the greater Kilifi County joined, as Kilifi Teachers Sacco.

Founded in 1972, the Sacco has grown to a membership of more than 110,000 members across Kenya and in the Diaspora, the essence of our brand – a stable and secure financial institution that assures its members of security and growth.

Membership open to all

Imarika is Kiswahili for “become stable” and this is the promise that we make to our members – that we shall work with them to become stable and grow steadily to prosperity.

Imarika strives to live up to its values of being a part of the member’s family, caring and nurturing them at every stage of their lives and meeting them at their point of need. The Sacco enables them to grow within their means, with stability and security.


Imarika SACCO was registered on 14th, September 1974 with about 100 members who were employees of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) in KILIFI District. Currently, the SACCO has an active membership of about 110,000 with its head office in KILIFI town with branches in MALINDI, MTWAPA, KALOLENI, GARSEN, UKUNDA  and a service center at BAMBA.

Its core objective is to provide a savings avenue to members and advance loans to them at an affordable rate of interest. In 1998 the SACCO opened its common bond and admitted other categories of membership. Today it has three major activities namely:

  • BOSA – For all members operating through check off system
  • FOSA – For business people operating through standing orders
  • MSCA (Micro Savings and Credit Activity) – For group members of between 10-15 registered with social services and operating through the group accounts

The membership of the SACCO covers counties at the coast, nationally, and the diaspora.


To fulfil it’s Mandate , Pursue the Vision and Accomplish it’s Mission, the Sacco will be guided by its core values of:

  • Customers Focus
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Equity and Equality
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Diversity


The major activity of the SACCO is to offer Savings and Credit products to her clients/members and in doing so we seek to address the standard practices a member expects, time lines and the cost factor for such service if any under (BOSA, FOSA & MSCA) for efficiency and productivity. The SACCO also addresses issues of the prospective members seeking to join the SACCO (Membership registration, withdrawals and re-admission) and general guidelines affecting our clients/members.

From that humble beginning pioneered by less than 100 members the Sacco has grown from strength to strength to the current status having an active membership of 108,082 and an asset base of Kshs.8.7billion

The Sacco is regulated and has been licensed to operate deposit taking business by SASRA (Sacco Society Regulatory Authority).

“The trusted SACCO of choice.”

“Empowering our members socio-economically by providing competitive financial solutions.”

‘Together we grow’

 To represent, promote and advance all members interests
 To promote education among SACCO members
 To seek support from, and work Co-operatively with organizations, agencies, groups, individuals and other stakeholders having aims and objectives consistent with those of the SACCO.
 To partner with affiliates and national associations to deliver services to members
 To initiate and coordinate savings and credit-related programs
 To raise, use, invest and reinvest funds to support the above aims and objectives
 To partner with other development oriented institutions in improving the economic wellbeing of members.